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All schools and colleges follow a timetable for their classes, providing different time slots for subjects. In order to follow a planned timetable, a person needs to be assigned for this job of turning on and off an electric bell manually and at certain time intervals. Here comes the role of automatic bell system that eliminates the need of human intervention. At Moksha Electronics we provide the best of products that ensure technological advancements in the field, and the automatic bell controllers provided by our company are highly compatible with the existing PA systems.
If you are willing to buy this product then we ensure you a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. We also make sure that instruction manuals are provided to the customers along with the system.

Special features of this automatic bell controller are-

  • The system comes with a wide range of audios and sounds that can be played at different time slots. Along with this, fifty bell timings can be scheduled for each day.
  • You can even switch between the modes by choosing the most appropriate one. This can be either summer, or winter or exam mode.
  • In case of emergency, you can manually play the audios using the on-device keys.
  • A Micro-SD card is provided with the product that can be used to add customized audios and sounds. It’s so easy to use that you can simply setup or modify the schedules as per your needs.


  • Input-220 V DC
  • Output-5W Audio Cut
  • Alarm range- 80 Meter
  • Display type- LED
  • Dimension- 21x16x6 cm
  • Power usage- < 10 Watt

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